You Can’t Go Back – New Stream On Soundcloud

From the album More Protection, here’s You Can’t Go Back:

Lyrics by Gregory Howe:

Invention is a pattern undone
As one era starts
the old is broken apart
Embracing change
progress attained
Though farther resigned,
when we look behind

We can’t go back
We can’t go back
We can’t go back anymore

We can’t go back
We can’t go back
We can’t go back to time before
Cause this is the way we are heading now

Those street were lined with music and books
Now look around it’s all food and good looks
And the games we played are overpaid
So few achieve grand accolades

You can’t go back
You can’t go back
You can’t go back anymore
You can’t go back to times before

And the forest stood tall and the sea was full
Event horizon of comprehension
Now towers of steel and the automobile
Cover the fields with industry’s yield
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