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Spider Love – New Stream

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Lyrics by Gregory Howe:

Just the other day my lady stared at me
In her onyx eyes I could clearly see
She was not taking sides, though she was keen to say
That I was full of pride, and I would be her prey

Do the spider. Do the spider love?
Do the spider. Do the spider love?

Tap tap tapping on the why why wire
Tap tap tapping on the why why wire
Tap tap tapping on the why why wire
Will I make it or be devoured?

With her long fine legs, she moves from side to side
And in the confined space, I feel the tension rise
She sees in my face. I feel vulnerable.
And with position placed, she moves in for the kill

So do the spider. Do the spider love?
Do the spider love?

I will be her man, and she will be my wife.
Smiling in her arms, as I am drained of life

So do the spider. Do the spider love?
Do the spider love?

Stereokiller’s Review of NCR


Stereokiller’s Review of New Corporate Resistance

While writing music for others is fine and dandy, for most songwriters, it’s just not the same as when you get to perform your own material, as well. And this appears to be the case for Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe, who have co-formed a new outfit, Neomythics, after penning tunes for other artists signed to Howe’s label, Wide Hive Records.

Interestingly, the style that Neomythics specialize in is not reflective of the style that the Wide Hive label usually specializes in (which is supposedly jazz and funk). Instead vintage post-punk is brought to mind throughout their twelve-track debut full-length, New Corporate Resistance, released via Ex-Fed Records.

New Release: Projectiles


NEOMYTHICS PROJECTILES is 10 new songs by musicians Matt Montgomery and Gregory Howe, both known for writing the music for Wide Hive Records bands V.U., dissent, and The Wide Hive Players.

‘Projectiles’ intertwines rock and roll compositions with a driving rhythm section, beautiful piano, intense vocals and big guitars. Musically and lyrically, PROJECTILES furthers many of the themes commenced on NEOMYTHICS’ debut album for Ex-Fed Records, NEW CORPORATE RESISTANCE.

Four songs feature legendary guitar innovator Harvey Mandel. Skillful drumming by Thomas McCree (Lyrics Born and V.U.) and Lumpy (‘Throttle Elevator Music’ and “Larry Coryell ‘The Lift’) push Matt Montgomery’s bass and keyboards into ground shattering turf and serve as the launching point for the vocal performances of Gregory Howe.

Stand-out tracks are Projectiles  (the follow-up video to Beautiful Black-out by Director/Producer Dustin Mills), Plane Sight, Your Life and Standing Stones.